Your dog is part of your family and when they develop a problem you want to help them.

We offer a range of rehabilitation products – from Belly straps to dog support harnesses, all of which are designed to help with conditions ranging from a dog limping, to arthritis, cruciate ligament injuries and even, Canine Degenerative Myelopathy.

The company is named after the owners three-legged Newfoundland dog – Quincy. Quincy lost his leg through contracting MRSA at the age of two and as he grew older, the owner desperately wanted to help him stay mobile.

Sadly, there just wasn’t any suitable products within the marketplace good enough that took into account all the major issues such as; pressure points; weight distribution; comfort for the dog etc.. So, the owner took it on himself to set about finding a company who could help him design some products for his dog. As the owner was also a canine hydrotherapist, he had plenty of dog customers who could test the products. The harnesses worked wonders. Quincy died at the ripe age of 13.

One of our top selling products is our GenX harness. Not only does the GenX harness give your dog back leg or front leg support on walks, it provides just the right level of support to assist your dog getting in and out of the car and walking up the stairs. It’s so versatile, it’s even been used as a training tool by dog trainers and vets love the product.

Listed below is a range of conditions the GenX harness helps with:

Amazing footage on the video below showing how the GenX harness assists the owner with her dog.

Worried about Muscle Wastage in Dogs?

Dogs that experience muscle wasting are more then often showing symptoms of a larger problem. Muscle wasting is a symptom of many different canine diseases and should be taken very seriously.

‘Spero’ Dog Mobility Support Harness


The above picture shows ‘Leon’ wearing our Spero harness. The flexibility of this Canine Mobility Support system means it can not only cater for so many different injuries but also helps with rehabilitating your dog. (the Spero harness is designed for your ‘LONGER’ once a day walk and should ideally be taken off after the walk – it is not designed for constant lifting as the handles are not reinforced)

GenX Dog Harness

Why the GenX harness is perfect:

  • handles to the front and back are perfect for back or front leg support;
  • extremely easy to put on and take off;
  • straps have extra padding to help with weight distribution
  • harness is designed to be breathable, meaning you can leave it on all day

(the GenX harness is designed so it can be left on all day and the handles have been reinforced for constant lifting. It’s also ideal for your shorter walks)


  • About the Author

    Vikram Jashapara’s dog Quincy had his leg amputated at the age of two. His best friend was now an amputee and struggling to cope. This drove Vikram to create a range of products to help him and Quincys the company was created.

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